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Thai Massage Practitioner Training Spring 2018


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Tuesday Dec 12 at 6pm

** Thai Massage Practitioner T
Level 1 & Level 2
Level 1 consists of the Fundamentals, Supine position and Side Lying position.
Level 2 includes Prone position, Seated position and advanced techniques.
Each weekend consists of 12 hours of class time primarily devoted to demonstrations and supervised thai massage practice. New techniques will be presented throughout each weekend. After six weekends of training students will have learned and reviewed the main positions and many techniques and will have the skills to give a full body thai massage. 

Level 1
Thai Massage Fundamentals:  Feb 2 - 4

Learn techniques to move gracefully around on the floor and leverage your body weight to apply deep pressure effortlessly. The course begins in Supine position which includes effective ways to release tension and open the legs, hips and shoulders. Time will be spent practicing techniques and learning the sequence of supine position.
Thai Massage Supine Position: Feb 23 - 25
Discover the energy system of this healing art and how the Sen lines play a significant role in the work we do. This is a continuation of the work we learned in the fundamentals weekend. Some time will be dedicated to practicing yoga and meditation to support body awareness while working and an ability to remain present during the learning experience.

Thai Massage Side Lying Position: Mar 9 - 11 
Focus on techniques of the side-lying position. Access the shoulders and hips from this alternate vantage point. This is a great position for people that cannot lay down on their backs, including pregnant woman. During the weekend there is time for review and also the opportunity to work on friends and community members. 

Level 2
Thai Massage Prone Position: Mar 23 - 24

Focus on techniques of prone position. Prone position provides excellent access to the hips and quads, spine and shoulders. Learn effective techniques to release chronic tension around these regions of the body. There is time for review and also the opportunity to work on friends and community members.

Thai Massage Seated Position: Apr 13 - 15
Focus on techniques of seated position. Seated position provide excellent access to the neck and shoulders. Learn effective techniques to address this region of the body. There is time for review of previous weekends and also the opportunity to work on friends and community members.

Thai Massage Advanced Techniques: Apr 27 - 29

Learn some new tricks and develop sensitivity. In a variety of positions we will learn unique techniques to support greater release. Techniques include rocking and vibration, using feet to save our hands and wrists and developing greater sensitivity and listening skills in order to support our clients healing process.


The healing art of Thai massage, traditionally known as Nuad Boran, evolved over 2,000 years ago in present day Thailand and is a system of bodywork ThaiStatueWatPhocombining rhythmic massage compression along the body, acupressure, and energy balancing techniques. The founder of Thai massage is an Ayurvedic doctor named Jivaka Kumar Bhacca, who is revered throughout Thailand as the Father of Medicine for his knowledge of the body and for having treated important people of his time, including the Buddha. 

Traditional Thai massage is rooted in the belief that life is sustained by a vital force carried along invisible pathways (sen) running through the body. It is believed that disease and dysfunction come when blockages occur along these pathways. Accordingly, Thai Massage’s intent is to free blocked energy, stimulate the natural flow of life-force, and restore balance. The result of a full-body Thai massage is often a relaxing yet deep mind/body experience, bringing a greater state of physical and mental balance. For the practitioner, a Thai Massage session can be a powerful tool for personal, physical and spiritual maintenance and transformation.

Who is This Training For?
♥ Yoga teachers to learn techniques to work therapeutically in private yoga sessions
♥ Massage therapists looking to enhance their practice with an effective healing tool.
♥ Individuals interested in exploring this healing art to share with family, friends or loved ones. 

Weekend times: Fridays 6:00 - 8:30pm, Saturday and Sunday 1:00 - 6:00pm each weekend.

Tuition: Level 1 = $1080 and Level 2 = $1080
Early bird special: Register by Dec 1 and receive a $50 off 
Payment for each training must be made in full before the course begins. A $300 deposit reserves your space in each training. Space is limited. Cancellations made within two weeks before the start date will receive a refund minus a $50 administration fee. Once the course begins there are no refunds for a partially attended trainings. 

Students receive a certificate upon completion of each training. Bodyworkers are eligible to receive 36 CEUs for each of the two trainings. 

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About the Instructor: Chris Gordon, CMT, RTT, Registered as an approved instructor with THAI (Thai Healing Alliance International). Chris is registered as an E-RYT 500 Teacher and is a nationally certified massage therapist and has been teaching Thai Massage and leading workshops for the past ten years. He has taken two extensive trips to Thailand and has over 1000 additional hours of training and coursework. Chris is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education approved provider. Want to learn more or have a specific question? Email chris@bigriveryoga.com
Thai Massage Training in Action
Group Thai Massage Training in Action
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Thai Massage Training Session