Sarah Baumert

Sarah Baumert teaches what she practices. Her sequences offer the chance to slow down and feel the results of an embodied practice that emphasizes alignment and safety in order to establish a base for a long life of practice. She works to facilitate whole body alignment in her students, both physically and energetically. Sarah’s teaching is a breath inspired practice that focuses on flowing in and out of poses with ease and finding variations that work for each individual body. Physically, a class with Sarah extends far beyond yoga poses. She teaches from her own experience and practice of modern dance, Feldenkrais, Body Mind Centering, Tuning Scores, Material for the Spine, and her daily practice of living in 2013. She guides students to deepen their own learning process through her imaginative sensory rich movement experiments. Sarah earned a BFA in dance and kinesiology at the University of Minnesota. Her experience includes teaching at the Lemuel Shattock Hospital in Boston, Harvard Center for Wellness, MIT, the University of Minnesota, as well as yoga studios, gyms, and as a part of wellness programs for corporations. Her most current teaching influence is from master teacher Barbara Benagh with whom she studied with during her 500 hour training.

Sarah Baumert is currently not instructing any classes.