Tone and Flow (1/2)

This class is taught by:

Bev Brossmann

I was introduced to yoga through my mother who first took me to a community yoga class when I was in high school. I have been practicing ever since, and it has had a powerful and influential effect on my life! The combination of internal awareness and physical strength is something I enjoy immensely. I eventually found my way to teacher training 2013 while living in Seattle and have been teaching ever since! Outside of yoga I'm a professional flutist and at the end of my classes I enjoy playing live flute for my students. Visit my site at:

Ben Lee

Ben is athletic by nature and and has been a certified personal trainer and yoga instructor for over 15 years. He brings his experience of body mechanics and exercise science to his yoga classes, balanced with his sensitive, caring and humble spirit. His classes are challenging, uplifting, and approachable, as he takes you beyond the physical aspects of yoga, and brings you into your own sacred space. When Ben is not teaching classes or working with clients, he is spending time with his family and doing things that make him feel happy such as cooking, reading and being in nature.  
Utilize yoga to build strength and muscle tone, increase cardio fitness and have some fun! This class is suitable for a range of abilities and is a great compliment to your regular yoga practice.